Our 98% Recycled Bottles

Our packaging is purposeful, made from recycled material that diverts waste from the landfill and delivers on our commitment to the environment. Currently our 1 litre bottles are recycled, but watch this space for future developments.

How our packaging makes a difference

Packaging is an unavoidable part of our product, but we have taken the best steps possible to offer a low-impact packaging solution. We utilise bottles, labels and cartons that reduce the waste and impact on the environment.

From Two Bottles to One

Our 1 Litre product range is made from 98% recycled New Zealand plastic. Currently approximately two 1L post consumer HDPE plastic milk bottles, create one 30 SECONDS® 1 litre bottle. Better yet, our recycled packaging is also recyclable, creating a closed-loop packaging cycle.

Our Labels

Our label partner offers a solution for the production label waste, the backing paper. Instead of adding this waste product to the landfill here in New Zealand, which until recently was the only option for it, they recycle it into paper products that can be recycled multiple times.

Recycled & recyclable

Keep the cycle going

Please ensure you dispose of the packaging properly. Just like our products, it only takes 30 seconds to rinse and recycle your bottle. Our bottles are HDPE plastic (#2 Plastic) which is accepted by The Packaging & Newspaper Collection.

Our “Recycled Bottle” family

Spray & Walk Away

Kitchen Cleaner

Window Wonder Indoor

Calcium, rust & lime remover

shower cleaner

Bathroom cleaner

Mould Off

Degreaser & Cleaner

BBQ & Grill Cleaner

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